• Cartography, graphics and technical writing.
  • Internet maps.
  • Clarifying your technical communications through maps, graphics and writing.


Services will meet Canadian government requirements for NI 43-101 technical reports, for the Canadian stock exchange, and provincial and territorial assessment reports, where required.

GISjoy specialises in clear and concise technical communications for the lay person, including news release graphics, presentation graphics and technical writing for websites.

Graphic Services

GISjoy's property geology, geophysics, exploration, diamond drill holes, cartography map poster

GISjoy provides graphics services, ensuring that figures and graphics are accurate and convey the client's message clearly. This may include creating or modifying graphics, news release figures, presentation graphics, posters and PowerPoint Presentations. Simplifying maps, figures and graphics for presentation for the lay person is a specialised service offered by GISjoy.

geology, exploration and topography cartography map

Graphic services include:

  • creating, updating, modifying and editing figures and graphics;
  • figures for technical reports, e.g. assessment and NI 43-101 reports;
  • figures for news release, presentations and posters;
  • PowerPoint Presentations and poster displays; and
  • simplification for the lay person.

diamond drill hole level plan view showing geology / lithology, mineralized zones and assay values

Graphic layout and design services include:

  • presentation material; and
  • PowerPoint Presentations and poster displays.

Portfolio Graphic Services

Portfolio showing presentation graphic examples.