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  • Clarifying your technical communications through maps, graphics and writing.

Graphics Portfolio

GISjoy's property geology, geophysics, exploration, diamond drill holes, cartography map poster
Conference booth poster display promoting a brownfields exploration property.

This poster display was designed to be visual with brief text explanation so that knowledgeable people and the general public would be able to understand all or most of the information displayed. Company representatives would explain the property to people using the images as references.

The maps and text were edited and poster layout and design created.

Simplifying maps, figures and graphics for presentation for the lay person is a specialised service offered by GISjoy.

geology, exploration and topography cartography map
Conference half-booth poster display promoting mineral exploration properties.

The maps were created or edited, text edited and poster layout and design created.

diamond drill hole level plan view showing geology / lithology, mineralized zones and assay values
Mine level plan showing simplified geology, mineral zones and diamond drill hole locations.

gold assay grade x thickness isoline / contour values, mine workings and geology cartography map
Mine plan showing gold grade isolines (contours), grade x true thickness, old mine workings and lithology.

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