• Cartography, graphics and technical writing.
  • Internet maps.
  • Clarifying your technical communications through maps, graphics and writing.

GIS, Databases, Graphics and Technical Writing Services

GISjoy has integrity, over 24 years of experience in earth science industries, is organized, analytical and creative, providing professional services specialising in simplifying the technical for the lay person.

Data and Databases

GISjoy's database organization
Do you value your data?

I do. It is the result of large investments in time, effort and money. I can help you organize, categorize and validate your data.

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Internet Maps

wordpress themes
Do you need an interesting way to convay information on your website?

Adding interactive maps with graphics, photographs, audio and video clips provides information in an entertaining way to your customers. I can create your business location maps, annotation maps, story maps and information maps for your website.

This is a simple Google street map, showing the location of the Hamilton, James St. North Art Crawl events.

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GIS and Cartography

GISjoy's geology, cartography map
Do you need any maps or spatial analysis?

With over 11 years in GIS and GIS database management, creating maps, drill hole sections and plans, I can provide your cartography analysis, working and final maps.

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GISjoy's geology,  cartography poster
Do you need any graphics simplified for people to understand them?

I specialise in simplifying graphics for the layperson and have experience in creating graphics for and putting together news releases, posters, presentations and promotional material.

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Technical Writing and Research

GISjoy technical writer, user instructions
Do you need any writing, editing or formatting of your written documentation?
for your website or promotional material?
Do you need any instructions?

As a technical writer, I have experience in all of the above, including layout and design. My subject matter research experience, specialising in earth science, could be of value to you.

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