• Cartography, graphics and technical writing.
  • Internet maps.
  • Clarifying your technical communications through maps, graphics and writing.


Services will meet Canadian government requirements for NI 43-101 technical reports, for the Canadian stock exchange, and provincial and territorial assessment reports, where required.

GISjoy specialises in clear and concise technical communications for the lay person, including news release graphics, presentation graphics and technical writing for websites.

Internet Maps

Hamilton Art Crawl

Google Street Map, Hamilton, James Street North Art Crawl is an enjoyable way to discover new artisans, arts and crafts, art galleries, interesting shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Date: second Friday of the month year round, blue area.
7 pm or earlier to 10 pm or later.
April to October, Hamilton area artisans display their arts and crafts on the street and Makers' Market, red area.

GISjoy's internet maps are designed to clearly communicate your information to people via the internet. These maps may convey simple or complex information. Internet maps include:

  • business location maps using Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps;
  • annotation maps provide pop up information when you click on a map item, often text and photographs;
  • story maps tell a story involving locations, images, video and text.
    Historical, changes over time, literary and travel logs are examples of story maps.
  • information maps provide information you want people to understand via your website.
    This is often a simplified version of a complex map.

GIS and Databases Services

property geology, exploration, drilling and topography cartography map

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

is the meeting of databases and maps providing useful spatial information with data output through reports, maps and charts.

property geology, exploration and topography cartography map

GISjoy provides GIS and data services, particularly for the mining and environmental industries, ensuring accurate data and products. These services focus on GIS work and management that may include organizing, validating, creating and managing data. Creating maps for working purposes, technical reports and to meet Canadian government requirements are available.

diamond drill hole vertical cross section showing geology / lithology and assay values

All data will be organized, with GIS data and maps provided as a digital package setup ready for the client to use.

gold assay isoline / contour values from surface rock samples with satelite imagery and topography cartography map

GIS and database management services include:

  • organizing, validating, extracting, modifying and updating data;
  • maps for technical reports, e.g. assessment and NI 43-101 reports;
  • working and final map creation;
  • project generation;
  • drill hole sections and plans; and
  • maps for presentation, presentations and posters.

Portfolio GIS Services

Portfolio showing GIS examples.