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Meet Stephen B. Pearl

through his blog Stephen's musings.

through Facebook

Youtube and book trailers

at Book store author-signings

and Conventions

Stephen B. Pearl - the finest in Speculative Fiction

     I write speculative fiction focusing on fantasy and science fiction and their related subgenres, sometimes with romance.

New Books

     To see my currently available books, videos, writing tips, convention information, author interviews and readings, please visit my:


“I don’t think we should tell the trolls that you peed in their mead.”

Spear of Destiny,
available 2019, a Norse, historical-fantasy adventure,
sequal to the novel Horn of the Kraken.

Horn of the Kraken RPG game module, available 2019.

Cats book cover - cyberpunk, science fiction novel, futuristic gamelit


Group Hex Vol. 2 book cover - horror anthology

Group Hex Vol. 1 cover - horror anthology

1984 in the 21st Century: An Anthology of Essays book cover - anthology

Stephen B. Pearl - Author Site

     On this site you will find:

  • Books - Free first chapters of published novels and reviews.
  • Stories - Free short stories and list of published stories.
  • Writing - Free writing tips.
  • Metaphysics - Free information and meditation, research for The Hollow Curse, glossary for Nukekubi.
  • Science - Free information on home energy, research for Tinker's Plague.
  • Links, contact - How to contact or meet me, videos, interviews, conventions, what happens at conventions, other authors.


     Hello all,

     Who is Stephen B. Pearl and why should I want to look over his web site?

 The Tinker Crest

Tinker Crest - post-apocalyptic science fiction novel


     Locations I have included in my books:

  • Ontario, Canada
  • California, USA
  • Derbyshire, UK
  • Nordic countries and the British Isles.


     I am a Canadian author, who writes fiction in the following genres:

  • modern fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, dark fantasy
  • science fiction, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, gamelit
  • historical fantasy, Norse adventure, litRPG
  • paranormal, romance, erotica
  • science fiction, romance, erotica
  • some are mystery, detective or environmental fiction
  • all have action and adventure mixed in.

     Please feel free to browse the stories and opening chapters of my books. I hope you enjoy them.

Knowledge Areas

     My knowledgeable areas, experience, interests, things that I have done, past and present, are:

  • writer
  • lifeguard, swim instruction
  • mystic
  • meditation
  • science enthusiast
  • alternative energy enthusiast
  • home handyman
  • backyard mechanic
  • bardic stories
  • myths and legends
  • medieval recreation
  • sword fighting
  • craft work, metal, leather and wood work.

     On a personal note - Gandalf taught me how to be a spirit wrapped in flesh. Aragorn taught me how to be a man. Frodo taught me of perseverance and Samwise of loyalty. I owe much to J.R. Tolkin and others like Homer, innumerable books on mythology, Frank Herbert, H.G. Wells and the list goes on. They, through their works, taught me how to live. Along the way I learned of the power of the written word, the gift it could give by slipping past our defenses to show us the best and the worst in ourselves. These revaluations have lead me to become a writer.

     But back to who I am. I have worked various positions and am a husband, mystic, science enthusiast, home handyman, backyard mechanic, and writer. Like most of us, the face I wear changes with the company and the season. My three cats know me as pride alpha, I like to think so, though servant is probably more accurate. Who am I kidding, my wife runs the pride, I just try and stay out of her way.

     At any rate, I am a man of middle years who lives in a house in Ontario, Canada with three cats, a wife and a sincere hope that you will buy and enjoy my books.

     On this site, in addition to information about my books and how I view writing, I'll be discussing science, and Pagan metaphysics and philosophy. I have a links page for you to browse. The links are to some of the authors I've met at conventions, most are new authors like me, interviews, and what happens at conventions, a few photos included. The links page also gives my book signing schedule.

     Thank you for dropping by. Please browse around and check back again, as I'll be adding more as time goes by.

     Stephen B. Pearl.